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What are Some Easy Dog Toys from Nina Ottosson?

Dog toys are wonderful items to keep your dogs playfully engaged, and prevent them from showing bad or undesirable behavior or disturbing you and others in any way. These come in varying level of difficulties. Company of Animals is a firm that has come out with its wonder Nina Ottosson Dog Toy line of toys. Find out about some of the easy ones among these.

Dog Magic

This toy involves your dog trying to locate treats by lifting or pushing one block away from the other. The treats are hidden under blocks, each of which is shaped like a dog bone, and placed on the outer circle of a circular tray. This is an engaging game and can keep your dog occupied for quite some time and give it a chance to find tasty eatables to munch on. It is on the first level of difficulty, and can easily be manipulated and played with.

Dog Tornado

The toy comes with as many as 4 layers of discs that can rotate. Your dog has to figure out how it should rotate the puzzle in order to gain access to the treats.

Some of its main features are:

  • Wear resistance
  • Manually cleanable
  • Slobber-resistance
  • Mentally stimulating and challenging
  • Capable of slowing the pace of fast eaters

It is on the second level of difficulty and your pet will not find it too hard to play with.

Dog Miracle

This is a plastic toy with a tray consisting of holes and plastic blocks, under which you can hide treats. Your dog has to invest some time and energy to shift the blocks properly, and to the right directions, to find the treats concealed underneath.

Dog Maze

You have to just put the treats in the bottom and the top of this maze and allow your canine companion to find out how it should obtain the treats. The toy is perfect as an indoor as well as an outdoor game. You can find it in large as well as in small versions.

Dog Casino

The toy consists of flaps, each of which has a compartment where you can conceal treats. Your canine friend has to pull the flaps in various directions to look for hidden treats. You can make the game slightly tougher by using the pegs shaped like bones to lock the flaps. It is on the 3rd level of difficulty, but can be played by dogs and even cats of any age.