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The Long and Short of Indian Kurta

Indian Kurtas have always been a fashion at weddings and formal occasions. One of the best things about fashion is that there is no governing body. There are no irritating set of rules and cautions that you need to follow. Everyone has their own style, picking up from trends that keep coming up and going faster than the seasons. Chinese collar, ethnic designs, jacket-style, plain coloured, Kurta for men are available in a range of variants, each suiting different occasion and styles.

How to tackle the length dilemma

Men’s Kurtas are generally of two lengths, the short ones and the long ones. Before selecting, imagine in your mind how you would like to end up after wearing one.

Short Kurtas

These are either short, knee or waist length Kurtas with sleeves, cuffs or other hand-sleeve patterns. Styling a short Kurta can be quite simple as it would pair up easily with jeans or pants. Go for short Kurtas to get a modern outlook in an Indian ethnic wear. Short Kurtas that are stitched and shaped according to your body is the ideal blend of ethnic and modern fashion. Simple, elegant designs in soft colours that match with your skin tone would look amazing at formal, ethnic and even casual events. Two varieties that can complement with the simple design are either the Chinese collar style or a jacketed style Kurta. Both of these can add on to the richness of this refined ethnic wear for mens.

Long Kurtas

The most versatile and commonly seen piece of ethnic wear for men is the long Kurtas. These are either found as fitted knee length or as traditional A-shaped. Ideally, the Kurta must fall just by one and a half inch below the knees.Generally, these Kurtas are paired with matching Churidar or ethnic bottoms.

Long Kurtas stand apart from short ones in the fact that these are the typical style worn by men from long. Whereas short Kurtas are a rising trend and can pull out a classy, modern look.

Ground rules to keep in mind!

  • Never wear light fabric, see-through Kurtas without accessorizing them with matching vests or jackets.
  • Different seasons call for different styles and materials. In winters, go for silk Kurtas whereas in summers, stick to the classic cotton Kurtas or maybe even the silk blended cotton ones.
  • Baggy styledKurtas, or loose Kurtas won’t generally suit any occasion. Go for slim fitted, well shaped Kurtas.
  • In case you are wearing a light, see-through Kurta, make sure that it is well-lined and doesn’t pull at the seams.
  • If you are styling your Kurta with churidar, keep in mind to wear a long length Kurta. Showing the knees while wearing achuridar is really not a great idea.
  • The sleeves of a full sleeve Kurta must ideally just touch the wrist or stay slightly under the knees.
  • For long length ones, Kurtas lying almost one and a half inches below the knees are considered perfect.
  • Kurtas can make you look amazingly dressed if you choose the right style, brand and fabric. Kurtas for men with minimalistic designs, richfabric, and unique, soft colours will always bring out the young, handsome prince in you.
  • Every fine detail of a Kurta does matter. Whether it is the collars, the sleeves, the stitch, the fabric or the length. Getting it right top to the bottom would present you with a classic piece of ethnic wear.


Kurtas are ethnic wear and look good when worn with panache. Get one that suits you and makes you comfortable, and voila! You are done!