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The Glitterati of the World around You

Festivals of various countries differ from each other and these festivals are the times when near and dear ones come back home to be with their friends and family. And then there are certain festivals for which people travel from across the border to witness the glitterati of the happiness all around. There are only a few festivals which are known to people worldwide and all celebrate them with great enthusiasm. Christmas, New Year’s, Easters, or Eid are those well-known festivals which are widely popular for a certain color and food. Like the Christmas cake of Christmas with the red, white and green color of it is known to people worldwide. Eid with its sweet items and the green color is a favorite festival all over the world. Apart from that there are many other festivals with their glamor and glitter around us and have the same ambition which is to unite people with love.

The Oktoberfest – the Beer Festival

The Oktoberfest is held in Munich and is the world most famous and biggest beer festival. Every year in the month of September more than millions of people gather here in Wiesn Park for a non-stop beer drinking over two weeks. Reports say that more than 6 million liters of beer and 300000 sausages are consumed all over those two weeks. Smaller versions of this Oktoberfest is also held in other parts of the world. People who have once been there have always praised about it. Many fans of this festival have continued to organize this fest in their respective countries.

Young women toast with beer after the opening of the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich, southern Germany, Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010. People from around the world are expected to the biggest and most famous beer festival Oktoberfest which runs from Sept. 18 until Oct. 4 and marks its 200th anniversary this year. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)

Las Fallas festival

You would hear ear explosive firecrackers if you are in Spain attending the Las Fallas festival in March. This one is quite synonymous to India’s Diwali celebration. A five-day festival this festival of Valencia sees lots of fireworks, bullfighting, and a parade of 400 ninots. In short, people rejoice with their friends and families over these five days.


Chinese New Year celebration

Hong Kong is one of the most influential places of the world and its trade market is still going strong. The Chinese New Year celebration in this part of the world is one of the most breath-taking festivals of the world. Lion dances, vivacious dragons, acrobats, and lantern lit streets of Hong Kong is a pure pleasure. The whole of January in Hong Kong is this colorful. The firework over Victoria Harbour draws the curtain to this festivals and you have to wait for another year for merry-making.


Rio carnival of Brazil

In many movies or through the internet, you must now be knowing the Rio carnival of Brazil. The glamor and glitz, the color and fragrance of this festival is something that would make you feel crazy. And once you have been here with Samba dance, light and sound shows, street plays, etc. you would want to some and attend this festival again and again. And studies have revealed that this festival is one among the top 10 festivals in the world. Just like a piece of Christmas cake, the taste of this festival is a soft, smooth, and delectable one.