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The Communal Power of Perfect Pub Goods

Pubs have long been and remain today one of the great centres of community in society. With all our differences and all the strife and struggle we see in the world today, it’s nice and somewhat comforting to know there still exists a world where quarrels can be quelled with a pint. Pubs truly are a world unto themselves, and so it should come as no surprise that there’s all manner of different alcohol accoutrements which you’ll find in all the best bars out there.

Here is a quick list of just some of the best bar items out there.

Great Glasses

There is obviously nothing more essential to a great pub than great glasses. After all, a pub without glassware isn’t much of a pub at all. That being said, not all glasses are created equal, and not all glasses are equally suited to each beverage or bar. Serve your patrons draught beer out of a champagne flute or fine wine out of a beer mug and you’ll certainly turn a few heads—just not for the right reason.

As such, one of the most important things to consider when it comes to purchasing the perfect pub supplies in general and great glassware in particular is to emphasise compatibility with your décor and atmosphere as much as functionality, expense, or anything else. After all, it’s ambience and attitude which set the truly terrific pubs apart from your average dive bar, and you can bet the best establishments are those with a consistent identity. That’s no accident—people like being able to identify with a brand, place, or idea. Part of the reasons pubs have endured, after all, is the sense of commonality they can create in low-pressure situations, thereby creating a sense of community. It may seem odd to think that having English-style pub glasses as opposed to German beer mugs can create a community, but on a subconscious level, it helps. You thus want to make sure that the glasses you choose match your atmosphere. Your target socio-economic demographic, national or sports team identities, stylistic sameness—it all contributes to your glassware communicating the idea of your place as a community, a fun place to be, and thus somewhere patrons can see themselves wanting to be—and likewise wanting to come back.

General Pub Goods

There are also a litany of different general pub goods every such establishment should have. Coasters, high-quality spouts and spirit dispensers, jiggers and cocktail shakers, ashtrays—all that and more help. If you want to add a bit of a stylistic and especially sports bar flavour to your pub, you might consider specialty lights which reflect a favourite local sports team or other unifying symbol. You might also want to consider various items to upgrade your overall interior décor. Signage in particular can add a stylistic flavour to your space.

A toast—to great bars and better bartenders, to the communities they help create in their pubs with fantastic supplies, and to the patrons who make it all worthwhile!