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List Of Top Mistakes Most Of The Men Make While Wearing Their Favourite Suit!

Wearing a suit allows a guy to make the most awesome style statements. While it is true that there are other fashionable attires too that can make you look smart and sharp but nothing can beat a suit.

However, there are many men that fail to wear their suits in a perfect way. There can be many mistakes that can make even the most expensive suit to look a blunder! The following are the top mistakes men make when it comes to suits. Read on and ensure to prevent from it.

Overblown Accessories

Every man out there loves a tie bar, good pocket square, pocket watch, and all other accessories, but hold on! Are you thinking to wear all of them together? Well, it may not be a great idea. It is a good thing to accentuate, but you shouldn’t go over top. Pick maximum three accessories and wear them.

Not getting the jacket sleeves tailored or hemmed

Most of the men assume that if their pants are hemmed, they are done. Jacket sleeves are equally important as well to have tailored. While too-long sleeves may look careless, too-short ones may look dorky. Ensure that your jacket ends minimum half inch above shirt sleeves.

Buttoning blunders

Buttoning a jacket isn’t that difficult at all, but yet there are men making such minor mistakes as well. It should be always remembered that the bottom button must never be buttoned when it comes to waistcoats and jackets. When it comes to two-button jacket, you just need top one to be done.

Moreover, never leave the buttons done while taking a seat. While sitting down, always make sure to unbutton it.

Not keeping leather embellishments on point

Leathers form an integral part of vêtements pour homme. So, make sure that all the embellishments including watch straps, shoes, and belts. Keeping them sharp and on point can be final piece to the tailoring puzzle. When it comes to style, matching leathers is essential.

Make sure to keep it similar colour family and not different shades. Be thoughtful of colour of your suit and whether the leathers correspond to it well. Overall, you need to master all the basics first. Learn all the rules related to suit like a pro and break them like an awesome artist!

Suit is the best eternal bastions of menswear. It is in fact synonymous with timeless and great style and foundation of gentleman’s formal wardrobe.